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Since the 27nd Edition of the  “Dolomitenradrundfahrt” a real break through has been established in addition to the 112km and 1860 hightmeters traditional route: the extrem version of the “SuperGiroDolomiti with its 228 km and 5.450 difference in altitude.


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Bidding 33. Dolomitenradrundfahrt and 7. SuperGiroDolomiti 2020


7. SuperGiroDolomiti - 13th June 2020

1.00 pm - 7.00 pm
late registration and distribution of numbers at Dolomitenhalle Lienz

3.00 pm
Kid´s race at the Lienzer Hauptplatz

06:30 pm
"Kaiserschmarrnparty" at Dolomitenhalle Lienz

08.00 pm
Dolomite cycling party at the center of Lienz



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