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Everything about the Dolomitenlauf

From 21st to 24th January 2021 will be hosting the 47. Dolomitenlauf and its many side events.


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The Dolomitenlauf is Austria’s largest and most important cross-country skiing event which is based on an unique concept. “Regardless you’re  professional, amateur or hobby skier – the Dolomitenlauf in the middle of our beautiful Dolomites is the perfect competition for everyone”, says Franz Theurl,  president of the organising Club, by describing this highlight of the Nordic skiing calendar in East Tyrol.

A total of six different races with different levels in distance and difficulties are offered during the four-day event to our friends of cross-country skiing.  Apart from  the main competitions, the classicrace on Saturday and the Dolomitenlauf ski marathon on Sunday you shouldn´t miss to watch the Dolomitensprint on Friday evening we 30 worldclass sprinters are going to delight thousands of spectators from all over the world.

Guaranteed snow on the trails in Obertilliach, more than 300 volunteers and a perfect organization make sure that the cross-country skiing weekend is going to be a winter highlight for thousands of athletes and tenthousands of spectators.



The Dolomitensprint is the king among cross-country sprints, the first of its kind and still one of the most difficult. Only those who have experienced it before can truly understand what happens each year in the specially erected arena .

The crowd buzzes with excitement when the 30 athletes – many of them world class sprinters – warm up for the race and the Dolomitenlauf torch is lit. The sprinters shoot out of the starting gates. A 7-metre high ramp with its downward starting curve, a jump to be taken at a full sprint pace and the hairpin bend just before the final sprint all have to be taken properly if a competitor wants to have any chance of winning.

Thirty years ago the Dolomite Sprint was the first race of its kind. Now, however, the sprint is an Olympic discipline and East Tyrol is still a hot spot for the fastest sprinters in the world. The six sprinters who have fought their way through the heats into the final then have to complete three 350-metre laps of the sprint arena in Obertillaich square. The starting shot from an old cannon and the rhythmical drums during the breaks also add to the unique atmosphere.




The programme for the Dolomitenlauf 2021 is fixed. 


As the preparations for the 47th Dolomitenlauf have already started again, we would like to give you some information regarding COVID- 19.


Franz Theurl, the OC President of the Dolomitenlauf, addresses his words to the entire cross-country skiing community.



Registration Dolomitenlauf 2021

Group registration for Dolomitenlauf: For step 2, you may choose between single or multiple application.
If you click the button 'multiple application', several participants can be enrolled at once. 10% off for a group of 10 registered participants.

The online registration deadline ends on Wednesday, 20.01.2021, at 17.00 hrs! 

Friday, 22.1.2021:
15:00-19:00 at the Stadtsaal Lienz (BIBs Counter for the races on Saturday and Sunday)

Saturday, 23.1.2021:
07:00-10:00 at the biathlon centre Obertilliach at the start (BIBs Counter for the races on Saturday)

Sunday, 24.1.2021:
07:00-10:00 at the fire station in Heinfels (BIBs Counter for the races on Sunday)

An official photo identification must be shown when picking up the start number!

The starting fees for the Dolomitenlauf 2021 have been fixed and online registration is already possible.




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