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    Am Donnerstag 6.6.2019 wurden noch die kurze Feinplankepassage auf der Umfahrungsstraße im Lesachtal gewalzt worden, dieser Streckenabschnitt kommt Asphalt gleich. Die ganze Strecke wurde außerdem auf Asphaltschäden kontrolliert und im Anlassfall ausgebessert. Die Verhältnisse sind somit ausgezeichnet.

    Ihr seht, das Organisationsteam ist sehr bemüht, den Teilnehmern eine attraktive und sichere Strecke zu gewährleisten! 


    Attention: There will be a "timeout zone" at the track


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    The SuperGiroDolomiti, which stands out not only with its unique mountain roads following in the tracks of the Giro d’Italia, but also with a new route, which promises a better cycling experience on well-paved roads and has significantly fewer danger spots. The new route is a bit shorter and easier to handle, which will surely please all long-distance cyclists this year due to the even more limited training possibilities.


    All the preparations have been made to ensure a smooth race. The short section in the Lesachtal valley affected by severe weather has been bridged by a bypass road. This extends the route by about 2 km. The local authorities will again provide excellent monitoring measures and barriers. Several traditional bands will entertain race participants at various points along the route in the Lienz Dolomites and the local villagers will enthusiastically cheer on the cyclists on 9 June.


    See the track and the altidude profile.



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