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    Change track SuperGiroDolomiti


    Following the last outing in 2016, the 6th edition of the SuperGiroDolomiti will include the spectacular Monte Zoncolan stage, the most challenging climb in the Giro d`Italia. The change in route is due to the effects of a storm last October that badly damaged the road via the Lanzenpass from Paularo to Pontebba. The organising committee decided the change was necessary as it was unable to secure the required guarantee that the original stage would be fully restored by 9 June 2019. The new stage ensures that participants will continue to compete on excellent asphalt surface with optimal barriers in the Italian section of the route.

    The Monte Zoncolan stage offers extreme cyclists more than just a sporting challenge. The breathtaking route ensures an unforgettable race experience. The climb is steeped in cycling history: it is lined with the feats of the many legends of the sport who have tackled the slope. The organisers have made a great effort to get the communities around Monte Zoncolan involved in the event, ensuring a great atmosphere for all.

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