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    Route record at the 30th Dolomites Cycling Tour by three people from Tyrol! And at the 4thedition of the extreme marathon, the ‘SuperGiroDolomiti’ the big favourite, Bernd Hornetz, also presses home in an impressive manner – in a new fabulous time – with a solo ride on the 160 kilometre route!

    The 30th anniversary event of the Dolomites Cycling Tour and the 4th edition of the extreme marathon, the ‘SuperGiroDolomiti’ couldn’t have been more perfect: the 2000 participants (road riders, children, E-bikers) from 24 nations tackled the Dolomites marathon weekend in fantastic weather and a festival mood and have filled the hotels in Lienz and the surrounding area for days. ‘We were booked out, right to the very last bed available and the programme started yesterday with the children’s races, with some 120 kids on the town square in Lienz. This event is a fantastic addition to the programme. Many thanks here to Charly Kashofer and his team for organising it. And yesterday evening we celebrated 30 years of the Dolomites Cycling Tour with a worthy celebration in Liebburg Castle’, says organiser and head of tourism, Franz Theurl, delighted. Many VIP names were also welcomed, such as skiing star Manfred Mölgg, ex pros Paco Wrolich and Thomas Rohregger, RAAM winner Pierre Bischoff, UCI Marathon World Champion Bernd Hornetz and politcian Thomas Pupp.

    ‘Mr. Marathon’ dominates ‘SuperGiroDolomiti’ Even before the start of his first ‘SuperGiroDolomiti’ only one word came to mind with regard to German man Bernd Hornetz: ‘formidable!“ There were 232 kilometres, taking in four mountain passes and a total of 5234 metres altitude to tackle. The route links the European regions of East Tyrol, Carinthia and Friuli. ‘My suspicions were confirmed; it was brutal’, added Hornetz at the finish. The man from Moselfranken has won everything in his career that there is to be won on the marathon scene: UCI Amateur World Champion 2013, victor at the Novecolli 2012, winner of the Ötztal Marathon the previous year (at 48 years old he was the oldest winner ever) and today he has triumphed at the ‘SuperGiroDolomiti’. Even on the Plöcken Pass, after some 70 kilometres, he was out in front and rode almost 160 kilometres alone! Hornetz celebrated an assured victory with a route record. He won with a ride time of 7:24:21 hours, a 9.5 minute lead on his Corratec team mate Stefan Oettl from Germany. Third place went to Tyrol man Daniel Pechtl. Hornetz said at the finish: ‘I rode as if I were in a trance. At the Plöcken Pass I was able to break away, there were around 15 riders behind me. Today’s race was a huge challenge and in terms of scenery it was dreamily beautiful!’

    Three winners at the Dolomites Cycling Tour, in a route record 112 kilometres and 1870 metres altitude – these are the key figures from the Dolomites Cycling Tour, which took place today in searing temperatures. The riders proceeded through the Drautal valley at breakneck speed, before the first lead group were able to break away on the Gailberg Saddle. A trio based around East Tyrolean riders from RC Fitstore, 24-rider Simon Schupfer and Thomas Blassnig along with professional Maximimilian Kuen from Tyrol Cycling Team took charge. They built up a lead of over one minute on the Kartitsch Saddle on the following group of ten riders. Together they reached Lienz town centre where they crossed the finish line hand-in-hand. They were all named winners, with a time of 2:49:25. Tyrol professional rider Maximilian Kuen said: ‘We worked together really well and my two companions in the break-away really piled the pressure on. We wanted to set a new route record together for the 30thanniversary and a time under 2:50 hours is convincing.’ The other winners beaming with joy were Simon Schupfer and man from St. Veit Thomas Blassnig, who won two years ago. The best lady was Lienz woman Magdalena Plankensteiner, who put in a strong performance.

    Rohregger: ‘Awesome Moelgg’ Ex-circuit winner Thomas Rohregger, who was riding for the ‘Cycle World Championships 2018 in Tyrol’ ambassador team, reached the finish with World Cup slalom champion Manfred Mölgg and said: ‘It was unbelievable how strongly he was riding. Manfred is not just super nice, he is also a consummate sportsman, about whom even the Italian pros wax lyrical about. At the finish I got him in the sprint’, said Rohregger. For South Tyrolean Mölgg, who was 55th today after his 12th place in 2013, switching to road racing isn’t in the offing: ‘I am a skier and will remain a skier. But road biking really is fantastic fun. I wanted to ride the Kartitsch Saddle with my brother, but he was too strong today. It was a fantastic race yet again – a superb atmosphere!’

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