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    Time and Location

    Team Captains Meeting
    When: Saturday, 16.30
    Where: Lienz, Hotel Sonne, Room "Hauger Raum".



    TD Uros Ponikvar
    TD assistant Hans Hörzer
    Organizing committee - race director Rudi Neumayr
    Organizing committee - race doctor: Dr. Franz Krösslhuber
    Organizing committee - course master: Harald Draxl
    Organizing committee - chief of competition: Franz Theurl



    08.30: start gates for the Dolomitenlauf Classic Race are open

    10.00: Dolomitenlauf Classic Race 30 km men and ladies

    10.15: Dolomitenlauf Classic Race 42 km men and ladies

    11.40: estimated finish of the winner

    Ca 12:15 (15min after arrival third woman) flower ceremony at the main square Lienz


    Start area / start order 

    Streckenplan Heinfels Lienz


    Startblock Plan Heinfels



    Weather Forecast

    Weather for Heinfels: 

    Weather for Lienz: 



    --> see the classic race 42 km Heinfels - Lienz at the interactive map


    Coaching / Feeding: Places to park and support the athletes (extra equipment, drinks):
    At the offical lab stations
    In Abfaltersbach
    At the bridge "Rieder Brücke"
    At the Luggauer Brückele


    Finish area map

    Download map PDF




    How to submit protests

    Protests concerning competitors with active FIS codes can be filed within 1 hour after the first participant has finished the main race to one of  the jury members.
    Protest must be filed according to ICR 361.4 (written form, substantiated and accompanied by monetary deposit of 100 CHF or equal).



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